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This is a suite of treatments aimed at reducing or reversing the effects of skin damage and the signs of ageing

 Pigmentation Removal

We remove focal solar lentigo, or age spots from faces and hands in 1 to 3 treatments

 Fractional Laser Resurfacing

This is a full facial treatment of non-ablative fractional laser resurfacing to induce collagenisis throughout your skin. This acts to reduce pore size, tighten skin, reduce the depth of fine lines and acne scarring and reduce signs of sun damage. We recommend a course of 3 treatments each 8 weeks apart. Recovery time is about a week

 Dual Laser Photorejuvenation

This new dual laser rejuvenation treatment is particularly good for generalised sun damage and also stimulates new collagen growth throughout your skin. Pigmented areas will initially turn darker before gently flaking away over the next week or so

 Hollywood Carbon Peel

This treatment is essentially an aggressive exfoliation and induces a smooth glow. It is particularly recommended for oily skin as a means to reduce sebum and reduce pore size. Recovery time is short.

 Scar Reduction

Hypotrophic scars that dip inwards respond best to this non-abaltive fractional treatment. We recommend 3 treatments each 8 weeks apart in the first instance

 Acne Treatment

Multiple passes of high energy pulsed laser provides a gentle thermal effect that kills bacteria and other pathogens while tightening pores and reducing sebum production. Very short downtime

These are mostly new services we are developing at Highland Laser Clinic in response to customer requests. We do not yet have video or before and after pics for most of these treatments but these will be added in time

Please see our full list of Prices for these services